Earn a Black Belt in Taekwondo!

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that promotes discipline in mind and body through vigorous mental and physical exercise. Workouts are designed to ease stress, strengthen the body, and increase confidence. Students develop a sense of personal power and control over their enivronment.

Gentle East Martial Arts offers adults and children of all ages. People practice Taekwondo for many reasons:


Gentle East students also find that Taekwondo offers a unique and challenging way to have fun.

At Gentle East, classes include exercises to increase flexibility, and an aerobic workout that burns calories, while strenghtening major muscle groups. Students are challenged to focus their energy and concentration.

Students also learn practical self-defense techniques that improve awareness, distance judgment, and ability to react. Special effort is made to help women gain the confidence and skills which can help them manage and avoid potentially threatening situations.

The elements of Taekwondo are taught as progressive skills that prepare students to achieve their highest potential. In these ways, Taekwondo distinguishes itself from aerobics and other kinds of exercise classes.

Taekwondo is a commitment people make to themselves--for the development of their bodies and minds.

Earn a Black Belt in Taekwondo-BEGIN THE JOURNEY TODAY!!

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For more information contact:
Master John L. Holloway
Gentle East Taekwondo
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Ph: +1.301.585.2272
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